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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Chalk Powders and Vintro Chalk Paint®?

Vintro Chalk Paint® is a ready mixed, easy to use, durable chalk paint that adheres to most surfaces with no preparation other than surface cleaning. Chalk powders need mixing with water, sometimes with emulsion and will often rub or scratch off surfaces easily. An even mix is not always guaranteed with chalk powders.

Vintro Chalk Paint® offers greater value for money - often our customers complain that they have painted a lot more than the stated 15m²!

Do I need to sand before painting?

Vintro Chalk Paint® will paint over almost anything, however, we do recommend that you remove any loose dust, paint or rust prior to painting.

Can I paint over shiny furniture?

Vintro Chalk Paint® will paint straight onto very shiny furniture including mirrors, laminate or melamine. However, some new laminate or melamine furniture has been coated with a light oil prior to packaging and we recommend that you give it a quick wipe over with a clear water based clean spirit (available from paint shops) prior to painting. You might find that the first coat of Vintro Chalk Paint® does not give a complete coverage over shiny furniture and will merely act as an “undercoat”. The second coat will give full coverage.

Do I need to clean wax off my furniture before painting it?

No, Vintro Chalk Paint® will paint straight over previously waxed, varnished or lacquered surfaces.

Can I use Vintro Chalk Paint® to give a shabby chic or distressed look to a piece of furniture?

Yes, this can quite easily be achieved by using a fine grit sand paper either before or after waxing. A more realistic worn look can be achieved by just sanding the paint where natural wear would occur, i.e. edge of drawers, around handles or along edges of top and body of unit. Another way to “distress” a piece of furniture is to rub a damp cloth along the edges prior to waxing. In both instances try not to go too heavy handed, rub off the paint little by little and take a step back to look at the piece of furniture, then take off a bit more until the desired look is achieved.

Often the “shabby chic” look is obtained by painting a co-ordinated colour over the first coat and sanding back, once the second layer is dry, to show the first colour.

Why does Vintro Chalk Paint® need no prep or sanding?

Vintro Chalk Paint® has unique properties that mean it will adhere to most things without the need to prep, strip or sand. We do, however, recommend that you clean the surface to be painted thoroughly first as dust and dirt can contaminate the paint. The only time you would need to lightly sand an item is if it had loose paint or to flatten an uneven surface.

I applied Vintro Wax yesterday and it feels sticky, what is wrong?

You probably applied a bit too much Vintro Wax. Try buffing again to remove the excess.

I wanted to give an antique feel using dark wax but I have used too much, how can I fix this?

We recommend applying Vintro Dark Wax over Vintro Clear Wax for an antique look as the dark wax only needs to be applied to corners and over moulding, rather than the entire piece. You can then use Vintro Clear Wax again to reduce the effect if you apply too much Vintro Dark Wax. However, if you apply Vintro Dark Wax directly over Vintro Chalk Paint® and do not like the look you can either repaint straight over the Vintro Wax with Vintro Chalk Paint® or you could dampen down the effect of the Vintro Dark Wax using a lint free cloth dampened with a mineral spirit. This will not lift all of the Vintro Dark Wax but it will reduce the effect.

Why should I use Vintro Chalk Paint® for painting furniture instead of emulsion paint?

Vintro Chalk Paint® has been specially formulated to give superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces. It is more durable than emulsion and can be used to give a variety of painted effects including, shabby chic, chippy, French.

Vintro Chalk Paint® is also an excellent alternative to emulsion for wall paint and gives a lovely velvet matte finish.

Can Vintro Chalk Paint® be mixed to make lighter colours?

Yes, every colour is mixable with another. You can make a pastel colours by adding either “Crystal” or “Pearl” with any colour. The mix is dependent upon the colour you would like to achieve.

Can I paint my floor with Vintro Chalk Paint®?

Yes, Vintro Chalk Paint® can be used to paint tiled, wooden or concrete floors. We would recommend that you clean the floors thoroughly with a sugar soap solution to remove grease and grime first. Allow to dry before applying Vintro Chalk Paint®. Vintro Chalk Paint® can be finished with Vintro Lacquer to give a harder wearing finish for your floor, however, if you are looking for a more rustic look, leave Vintro Chalk Paint® to wear naturally with footfall.

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