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Hints & Tips Written by Jason Clare 4192
Upcycling furniture Written by Jason Clare 3904
The beginner's guide to applying wax Written by Jason Clare 3241
The beginner's guide to distressing furniture Written by Jason Clare 1266
The beginner's guide to using Vintro Chalk Paint Written by Jason Clare 2254
What is in the tin Written by Jason Clare 1200

How To's

Here you can find information on a variety of useful and interesting things. From the basics of what is in the tin, through to painting furniture, walls, and even kitchens.
Upcycling furnitureIn today’s modern throw away culture, in the U.K. alone, approximately 42% of waste to landfill is old furniture (BBC, 2015).  Most of this furniture still has a long life in it and is usually thrown away due to it being dated or not in trend.  Here at Vintro HQ we have an obsession with old and ugly...View full article
Hints & TipsThis guide is full of useful tips to help you tackle your first Vintro Chalk Paint® project. Vintro Chalk Paint is very forgiving and is really easy to use.  At HQ we use Vintro Chalk Paint on everything from glass, ornaments, fabrics and leather to large furniture makeovers.    Is Vintro Chalk Paint...View full article
The beginner's guide to applying wax1. Ensure you are working in a ventilated area.  2. You can either use a lint free cloth (an old clean cotton bed sheet, a tee-shirt or rag) or a clean paintbrush. 3. Start by applying a thin coat of wax, Vintro Wax is soft and buttery and spreads easily.  Rub into the surface of your furniture working...View full article
The beginner's guide to distressing...1. Once you have painted your furniture with Vintro Chalk Paint® and it has dried, you are ready give it a distressed look.  You can achieve the distressed look either before you wax or after, however, if you are wishing to distress an item that is to be lacquered, we recommend you do this before...View full article
The beginner's guide to using Vintro Chalk...1. There is no prep needed for Vintro Chalk Paint®, however, we recommend that any surface for painting is clean and dry.  If painting a wall, remove dust and any flaking paint/paper.  We recommend using a sugar soap solution on furniture to clean any dust or grease off the surfaces.  Mask off surfaces...View full article
What is in the tinCarefully remove the clips and gently prise off the lid. Our paint has a unique formula which makes it very thick, this it what gives the exceptional coverage, a quick stir loosens up the paint and makes it more fluid. Depending on the style of painting you are doing, you can add a drop of water to get...View full article
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