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Vintro Paint is a family-owned business, borne from the passion, expertise and knowledge of paint and colour. Our paint facility has been producing coatings for nearly 100 years and have paint formulations dating back to 1771. This rich history and heritage gives us nearly 250 years of formulation experience, honing and perfecting our paints to the very finest quality.

All our paints are laden with high levels of pigment for incredible depth of colour and a thick and creamy consistency.  This allows for an unrivalled performance, exceptional coverage and superior durability.  We use only the highest quality ingredients and pigments, with every batch of paint we produce tested to ensure it meets our high standards for colour, durability and performance.

We have an extensive range of carefully chosen colours with subtle undertones that bring the best out of any piece of furniture or room space.  Each colour has been refined by months of colour development work utilising our historic colour archives of over 350,000 colours and are a blend of both classic and contemporary that will suit modern and older homes.

All our paints are water-based, have low or minimal VOC content and are virtually odourless.
Water-based paints are much kinder to you, your home and for the environment.
They have been tested to meet BS EN 71-3:2013 standard (Toy Safety Regulations) and are completely safe for decorating children’s playrooms, bedrooms and furniture.

A5 colour swatches Made with real paint for colour accuracy

Discover the beautiful range of colours to decorate your home and furniture in.

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