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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Well, this depends on what you are painting!
As a rule, Matt finishes hide imperfections. Higher sheens are more durable but can accentuate them. Higher sheens reflect more light and can brighten a room, matt finishes absorb it and are more atmospheric, so choose based on the function of your room or when you frequent it.
With the right prep, all of the paints we manufacture can be used to paint almost any surface but specific paints are used for specific jobs.

This handy guide for painting kitchen cabinets explains all about the different finishes and the theory can be applied to many other surfaces and substrates.

Painting kitchen cupboards

For questions about particular products, click the link below and scroll down to the product information section and click on the “FAQ” tab.

Chalk Paint

No Seal Chalk Paint

Matt Emulsion




The million dollar question!

  1. Decide if you want your wall or piece of furniture to stand out or blend in.
  2. Consider your current décor and if you want a colour clash or to complement it.
  3. Use the Vintro Paint Colour Chart for ideas and create a shortlist.
  4. Buy 125ml paint pots here to check the colour in your own environment.


A couple of guides to assist:

Interior Trends For 2019 2020

Best White Paint Colours

Decide on the areas you want to paint measure it  (height x width) to work out the square metre space to be painted. Add all the surfaces you want to paint together. Check the coverage (per square metre) of your chosen paint, you’ll find it in the product description or on the back of the tin.
Simply divide your surface area by the coverage. Most paints will require two coats, so multiply that result by two to make sure you have enough paint.

Technical Questions

Absolutely not! This means our paint as a whole and the constituent parts from suppliers of raw materials.

If it is a water-based paint then technically it will mix in, however, you could possibly alter the characteristics of both paints by doing this and the results may vary.
Oil-based paints are not compatible with water-based paints.

Order Questions

For most of our products, it is a 1 day processing time, (Mon-Fri), then the order is ready to be dispatched. There are options on delivery, 3 working days or Express 1 working day. A working day is classed as (Mon-Fri)

Delivery Questions

We use several different couriers for delivery, depending on weight and destination. You will get a tracking email from the courier once they have collected from us.

A5 colour swatches Made with real paint for colour accuracy

Discover the beautiful range of colours to decorate your home and furniture in.

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