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Introducing chalk paint

Vintro Chalk Paint® is an easy to use, durable, paint that adheres to most surfaces with no preparation other than surface cleaning.

Vintro Chalk Paint® is laden with pigment which means it will cover better, therefore, go further and you use less resources. A 1 litre tin will cover approx 19.5m².

A lot of furniture paint is emulsion based and lacks the coverage and durability.

Vintro Chalk Paint® will paint over almost anything, however, we do recommend that you remove any loose dust, paint or rust prior to painting.

Vintro Chalk Paint® will paint straight onto very shiny furniture including mirrors, laminate or melamine. However, some new laminate or melamine furniture has been coated with a light oil prior to packaging and we recommend that you give it a quick wipe over with a water based clean spirit prior to painting.

No, Vintro Chalk Paint® will paint straight over previously waxed, varnished or lacquered surfaces.

Yes, this can quite easily be achieved by using a fine grit sand paper, either before or after waxing. A more realistic worn look can be achieved by just sanding the paint where natural wear would occur, i.e. edge of drawers, around handles or along edges of top and body of unit. Another way to “distress” a piece of furniture is to rub a damp cloth along the edges prior to waxing. In both instances try not to go too heavy handed, rub off the paint little by little and take a step back to look at the piece of furniture, then take off a bit more until the desired look is achieved.

Often the “shabby chic” look is obtained by painting a co-ordinated colour over the first coat and sanding back, once the second layer is dry, to show the first colour.

Vintro Chalk Paint® has unique properties that mean it will adhere to most things without the need to prep, strip or sand. We do, however, recommend that you clean the surface to be painted thoroughly first as dust and dirt can contaminate the paint. The only time you would need to lightly sand an item is if it had loose paint or to flatten an uneven surface.

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