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A selection of guides to assist you in using our paints, waxes and lacquers.


Using Accent Colours thumbnail image
Using Accent Colours 10th October 2020

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Painting Front Doors thumbnail image
Painting Front Doors 7th September 2020

Get outside!

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Painting kitchen cupboards thumbnail image
Painting kitchen cupboards 6th February 2020

Give your kitchen a makeover

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10 Facts About Vintro Chalk Paint thumbnail image
10 Facts About Vintro Chalk Paint 15th November 2019

What? Why? How?

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Using Gloss Paint thumbnail image
Using Gloss Paint 12th September 2019

Using Vintro Gloss Paint

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Best White Paint Colours thumbnail image
Best White Paint Colours 5th August 2019

What is the “right” white?

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Using Eggshell Paint thumbnail image
Using Eggshell Paint 5th July 2019

Using Vintro Eggshell Paint

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Coloured Waxes thumbnail image
Coloured Waxes 21st June 2019

Unlimited combinations!

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Child Safe Paints thumbnail image
Child Safe Paints 14th June 2019

Paints you can trust for your child’s nursery or bedroom.

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Interior Trends For 2019 2020 thumbnail image
Interior Trends For 2019 2020 21st May 2019

Find out what will be on-trend and in demand.

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Chalk Paint Colour Wash thumbnail image
Chalk Paint Colour Wash 3rd May 2019

A quick guide to colour washing with Chalk Paint

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Dry Brushing Chalk Paint thumbnail image
Dry Brushing Chalk Paint 9th April 2019

Dry brushing is a quick and easy way to highlight mouldings and add texture to painted surfaces.

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A5 colour swatches Made with real paint for colour accuracy

Discover the beautiful range of colours to decorate your home and furniture in.

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