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10 Facts About Vintro Chalk Paint

Written on 15th November 2019

What? Why? How?

  1. Vintro Chalk Paint is a Chalk Paint!

Vintro Chalk Paint is one of the only chalk paints currently on the market that can be classified as a true chalk paint, unlike many of our competitors that are acrylic paint or emulsions.

  1. Why is Vintro Chalk Paint so Thick?

Vintro Chalk Paint is a very thick paint and sometimes if you open a tin it may have separated slightly. This is due to the volume of pigments and weight of the ingredients, which you will feel if you pick up a tin of our paint. You will find that once you begin stirring our chalk paint that it will become quite smooth and silky and changes it’s consistency, quite magical really.

  1. Adding Water

You can add water to Vintro Chalk Paint to assist with the application without compromising the quality of the paint, meaning that our paint will cover far more than the 19.5m² quoted on the tin. What our customers love about the Vintro Chalk Paint is the value for money, exceptional pigment loading and quality that they receive. You can think of Vintro Chalk Paint like a ‘concentrate’ where customers can add water to it if they wish to. Other brands sell paint with the water already added to the paint mix, we don’t believe in charging our customers for buying water!  It is this versatility which makes the paint so popular.

  1. Durability

We spent a long time with our team of highly skilled chemists, formulating our chalk paint to ensure that it was a versatile and hard-wearing paint that we could be proud of. We only use the best possible pigments to produce a chalk paint with an incredible depth of colour. Once cured Vintro Chalk Paint can be left without the need for wax or lacquer in areas of low through traffic on items such as occasional tables and can be dry dusted. For a more robust finish that can be wiped with a soapy cloth, such as in a bathroom or kitchen or in the garden, we would recommend use of one of our Extreme Lacquers as a topcoat. For a wipeable finish, Vintro Wax can be used as a topcoat and this gives an amazing tactile surface and allows for many different decorative techniques to be applied to your project.

  1. Minimal Prep

It is true that Vintro Chalk Paint will stick to almost anything with very little prep and we have tried it on many different materials, including plastic, metal, stone, melamine, wood and glass. Vintro Chalk Paint’s amazing adhesion quality is down to the superior resins and binders that we use in the paint. However, it is not a totally without prep paint as you will need to clean any dust, grease or flaking paint from your project before you start. That said, for those of you who love to take your time and do prep there is nothing wrong with sanding and priming your project first.

  1. Brush Strokes

Being a true chalk paint, Vintro Chalk Paint will be prone to brush strokes due to the very nature of the ingredients within the paint. Brush strokes allow for amazing decorative finishes to be achieved, together with coloured Vintro Wax.
Brush strokes can be minimised by the addition of a small amount of water to the paint and through use of a Vintro Synthetic Brush which were specifically designed to allow the paint to flow along the bristles.

  1. Do I have to distress or have a rustic finish?

Vintro Chalk Paint can be used for a variety of finishes and although some might like a distressed or rustic finish others might not. It is quite simple to create a smooth contemporary finish with our chalk paint quite easily.

  1. Safe to Use on Children’s Furniture, Toys & Walls

All Vintro paints and lacquers are certified EN71-3 compliant, which means that they are safe for use on children’s furniture, toys and walls.

  1. Anyone can use Vintro Chalk Paint

Anyone from a small child to a professional painter and enthusiastic DIY’ers can use Vintro Chalk Paint. It is very forgiving, and mistakes can be easily rectified so give it a try!

      10. Cleaning Brushes

Vintro Chalk Paint is a water based paint which means that it is really easy to clean your brushes after use. Just a mild soap solution and warm water is sufficient to clean them thoroughly and a rinse in clear water.

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