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A textured finish with Chalk Paint

Written on 25th February 2019

A quick guide on how to create a heavily textured finish with Chalk Paint.

This is a quick and easy way to create interesting and unique pieces of furniture. With a textured finish you are not looking for perfection, so you can apply the paint in a variety of ways, to build the texture. There is no “right or wrong way” to do it. Creating a textured finish with Chalk Paint is one of the easiest techniques and gets great results.

  • Open a tin of Vintro Chalk Paint and thoroughly stir to ensure even distribution of pigments.
  • Decant into a container. Vintro Chalk Paint goes a long way and we recommend decanting as this reduces the possibility of any contamination in the whole tin if it is open for a while.
  • Using a natural bristle Vintro brush allows the Vintro Chalk Paint to be applied thickly producing brush strokes.
  • We suggest painting in a criss-cross and all directions manner as this will produce a lot of texture.
  • A textured finish is a good way of replicating ageing and patina on furniture.
  • Finish with Vintro Wax or Vintro Lacquer.


Chalk Paint to create heavily textured desk and drawers using Vintro

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