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Chalk Paint Colour Wash

Written on 3rd May 2019

A quick guide to colour washing with Chalk Paint

A colour wash of  Vintro Chalk Paint can be applied over a base colour to soften it by adding a translucent layer, which is wiped to produce a soft, cloudy finish.
Mouldings, carvings and imperfections will be highlighted by colour washing.
Any colour combination can be used, however, the lighter colour is usually used as the wash over a darker base.
This is a quick, but messy, method of painting that produces a lovely sheen over the completed piece that can also be used to update wooden flooring.

  • Paint the piece with a base colour and leave to dry.
  • Decant Vintro Chalk Paint into a container and mix with enough water to produce a very thin paint, usually a ratio of 25% paint to 75% water is sufficient but is dependent upon how translucent you want the second colour to be.
  • Apply the paint in small areas at a time, the paint will cover large areas and use an old piece of towelling or an old tee-shirt to wipe the paint over the surface, mopping up the excess paint but allowing the paint to settle into textured areas or mouldings.
  • Repeat until the whole surface has been colour washed.  A natural wet distress may occur to the edges, if this is too much, they can be filled in by dry brushing once the piece has dried.
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