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Coloured Waxes

Written on 21st June 2019

Unlimited combinations!

Vintro coloured waxes opens up a wide creative scope on what you can create with your painted finishes.
Our waxes are super light, silky soft and buttery. Easy to brush out, and with our highly pigmented Chalk Paint, you can uniquely mix the two to create any colour you like.
To replicate age, character and depth in painted furniture, for example, you can use these stunning colours.
Waxes play a huge part in the final look of any decorative finish furthermore they give protection to your surface.
The picture shows a great series of illustrations showing the impact of coloured wax over a base of “French Navy”.

Chalk Paint with various coloured waxes vintro

Visit an exclusive Vintro Paint stockist for a full demo on how to create and apply Vintro Coloured Waxes.

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