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Using Gloss Paint

Written on 12th September 2019

Using Vintro Gloss Paint

Supreme Gloss is a water-based gloss paint that will give a high sheen and robust finish to interior and exterior wood or primed metals.


Using Gloss paint gives surfaces a fully washable finish and can give an almost glamorous look to furniture or kitchen cabinets.
However, for the most part, gloss paint is saved for interior skirting boards and doors and front doors.

Surface Preparation

Before using Gloss paint, lightly sand previously glossed surfaces to improve the adhesion of the paint and to remove any blistering or peeling. Clean and dry all trims (dado rails, skirting boards, window frames, architraves, sills etc) or other surfaces to be painted, ensuring that they are free from dust, loose flakes of paint and grease. A mild detergent solution will be adequate for this, such as sugar soap, and rinse before drying.
Fill any small holes or cracks with a suitable filler. Follow manufacturers information for use and drying time.
We recommend that you prime all new wood, MDF or metal, allowing to dry thoroughly. Vintro Primer is a self-levelling primer that works extremely well under Supreme Gloss.

Applying Paint

Upon opening the tin, stir the gloss paint thoroughly.
Use a good quality synthetic flat brush such as a Vintro Flat Brush, which are available in a variety of sizes.
Load the paint brush and brush an even coat in one direction and allow to dry before applying a second coat, if needed. One coat of Vintro Gloss might be sufficient over Vintro Primer.
Brush marks might appear if you over-work gloss paint. For a more professional finish, lay-off the final coat with light, feathery strokes in one direction.

To fix any chips to paintwork, sand chip and surrounding area. Using the same batch of paint, to ensure consistency in sheen and colour, paint the area in the same direction of previous application.



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