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Using Matt Emulsion Paint

Written on 20th March 2019

Using Vintro Matt Emulsion

Vintro Matt Emulsion is a beautiful thick and creamy paint with an incredible depth of colour. It is commonly used to paint walls and ceilings, however, it can also give a smooth finish on furniture.  Using Matt Emulsion will help to hide imperfections on your surfaces as it has a low reflective value.

Surface Preparation

Clean and dry all walls and surfaces to be painted, ensuring that they are free from dust, loose flakes of paint and grease. A mild detergent solution will be adequate for this, such as sugar soap, and rinse before drying.

Fill any small holes or cracks with a suitable filler. Follow manufacturers information for use and drying time.

To paint over a porous surface such as plasterboard, or newly applied lining paper, mix a thinner solution with 15-25% water and allow to thoroughly dry before proceeding to paint as normal. The amount of water to add will depend on how porous the surface is. This thinned paint will seal the porous surface and assist in the adhesion of finishing coats. Allow to dry thoroughly prior to applying the next coat of paint.

When painting over glossy or oil based paints or furniture, sand down the surface and wash surface to remove dust. Apply one coat of Vintro Primer, which will ensure adhesion.

If painting over new wood, apply a coat of Vintro Primer to seal knots and prevent any staining of painted surface.

Applying Paint

If you will be using more than one tin of  Matt Emulsion, check the batch numbers on the bottom of the tin to ensure they are of the same batch. If they are not, mix both tins together to ensure colour consistency, as there can be small variations in colour between batches.

Stir paint thoroughly before applying with a brush/roller/sprayer. If using a spray gun to apply paint, you may need to thin the paint with water.

If using a brush, we recommend the use of a good quality synthetic brush such as a Vintro 4” flat paint brush to apply paint evenly in a horizontal direction. Lay off the final coat in one direction to minimise brush marks.

When using a roller, paint in small areas with long even strokes. Work from dry to wet, so that you are applying new paint over paint that is still wet to minimise roller marks. For the best results use a medium pile polyester roller.

For most projects we recommend applying two coats of (undiluted) paint, allowing for drying between coats, which will give a good depth of colour due to the high level of pigments in our paint. However, occasionally different projects can need an extra coat and this is due to specific conditions of the wall/ceiling, such as a significant change in colour.
Wash paintbrush/roller/spray nozzle with warm soapy water to clean after use.
Imperfections or marks can be easily fixed by touching up with the same batch of Emulsion.

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