Colour Of The Year

2018 Colour Of The Year Awards - 3 colours shortlisted.

Colour makes the world a more beautiful place, it connects us, inspires us and demands our attention.

At Vintro Paint our aim is to achieve all of the above with each colour we bring to our range. Our paints are made to exacting standards and we apply the same ethos to the colours we create.

The colour team, led by Creative Director Sandra Clare, take their inspiration from the art world, fashion, architecture and nature. Only here will you find Van Gogh’s sunflower yellow alongside ancient Grecian sandstone red and Buckingham Palace Portland Stone.
Each colour is refined by months of development work utilising our historic colour archives of over 350,000 shades and tones.
This dedication and attention to detail has been rewarded by having 3 of our colours shortlisted for the Homes & Gardens magazine Colour Of The Year award.

The 3 colours are “Nightfall”, “Deep Saffron” and “Cobalt”

Nightfall - This mysterious blue/black has been used since pre-historic times in paintings and was commonly used in Egyptian tombs, later being favoured by painters of the Renaissance movement.

Deep Saffron - A dark orange colour that was inspired by the most expensive spice in the world, Saffron. 
Saffron produces such a strong colour that is used in a variety of forms, from cooking to dyeing, material and has been found as a pigment used in pre-historic paintings in Iraq.

Cobalt - This vivid blue was inspired by the elaborate Willow pattern that was used on porcelain and ceramics produced by Thomas Minton, dating back to the 18th century. The Willow pattern is a combination of Chinese designs painted in cobalt blue and white.

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