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Paint Swatches Now Available

Written on 5th August 2022

Eco-friendly paint swatches.

As we constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment, we look for better ways to package, dispatch and present our products. We have already moved to fully recyclable packaging, we use a CO2 neutral courier, and now our next step is to launch paint swatches for colour sampling.

The manufacturing process for colour charts isn’t particularly environmentally friendly, resource efficient or always as accurate as it could be.

Sample, or tester pots give a good opportunity so see what a colour is like but you have to paint it out, wash brushes afterwards, dispose of the excess paint, it all gets a little messy and a lot of faffing about.

So, we are pleased to launch our A5 painted swatches! No mess, no fuss, just buy the swatches for the colours you are interested in. When you have finished, simply pop them in your household recycling. This is the easy, eco-friendly way to sample colour.
Made with real paint so you can see the exact colour and how it interacts with the lighting and accessories in the room you are planning to paint.

Start choosing your colours and buy here

Introductory offer available for a limited time.


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A5 colour swatches Made with real paint for colour accuracy

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