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Reasons to Love Colour

We love bright, bold, funky and beautiful colours at Vintro Paint and feel that they can make your home feel happy and energised. Here are some reasons we think you should love colour too.

1. Using colours in your home can affect your mind and spirit. Some colours can energise and excite you, whilst others can make you feel calm and tranquil.
 blue and yellow painted side tables
2. Adding colour to your home is a way of expressing your personality, whether you like bright or bold or something more neutral for a quieter room.
 red sitting room with a patterned chair
3. Using one colour to drench your room can have a dramatic impact, especially if you allow the colour to be the focal point.
4. Painting a colourful wall is one of the quickest and cheapest ways of updating your home or following a colour trend.
 yellow bedroom wall
5. Colours can be used to create zones in your home by producing a visual separation between rooms or areas.
 purple living room with pink insets
6. Two or three contrasting colours can be used in a room to add visual interest and create a cohesive design. The more contrast between colours, the greater the drama, whilst the least contrast will give a calmer coupling.
green and blue painted wall
7. An accent colour can be used on one wall or chimney breast and can add interest and totally transform an otherwise neutral colour palette.
 blue and white living room
8. Colour can bring new life to dull, outdated furniture and can lift an otherwise neutral room.
 white kitchen with blue cabinets
9. Shades of gold, silver and rose gold can bring a touch of opulence to your room, whether it is an accent wall, trim, a piece of furniture or accessories.
green dresser with gold accents
10. Shades of one colour can be used to give you a truly spectacular monochrome room or home.
 white dining room
11. Neutral doesn’t just have to mean white, grey or beige. Try earthy or clay tones, taupe, charcoal, chocolate brown or even black which can give you a stunning backdrop to your furniture.  
chocolate dining room
Whatever the colour you use in your home, it should make you feel good as soon as you walk through your front door, if it doesn’t it is possibly time to change it. Our Vintro colour palette has been designed to work together no matter what finish you want to use in your home.