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17 Questions with Entrepreneur, Model, and Environmental Campaigner Jo Wood

17 Questions with Entrepreneur, Model, and Environmental Campaigner Jo Wood
17 Questions with Entrepreneur, Model, and Environmental Campaigner Jo Wood

Whilst we shouldn’t really be plugging wallpaper as a wall covering, we absolutely love the designs of JoJo and Trixie and it would be a shame not to, especially as many of their designs would work well with the colours of Vintro!
Jo Wood and Katherine Trigg are the fantastically creative and friendly duo behind Jojo and Trixie. They combine a wealth of energy, creativity and years of experience in the arts and creative fields. Their beautiful designs give a nod to their heritage with a contemporary feel, many inspired by vintage patterns and prints. They create high quality papers and textiles that are unique, original, edgy and fun, whilst using sustainable and ethical materials and electricity, with the planet and environment central to everything they do.
We were beyond excited when Jo spent some time giving us an insight into her sustainable lifestyle, creativity and interiors.


We know you as the ultimate rock chick, model, photographer, entrepreneur and environmental campaigner, can you tell us something about yourself that might surprise us?

I have had my racing car licence. My Father loved Lambrettas and used to race in the Isle of Man, so I grew up with the sound of an engine and the smell of petrol.


What is your greatest achievement?

My family.


What would be your ideal day?

Wake after eight plus hours of sleep, have family over and cook a meal using organic veg from my garden.


Who or what inspires your creativity?

I get inspiration from everywhere - nature, beautiful antiques and travel. I can see or hear something and get a wonderful idea.



You lead an off-grid sustainable lifestyle, what made you make this change?

I wanted to move out of London and couldn’t find what I was looking for in Oxfordshire so started looking in Northamptonshire. This house popped up…off grid farmhouse for sale…that was it. I knew if I didn’t get it and try and live out my dream now, I might never do it.


What advice would you give to other people who are motivated to become more sustainable?

Start with food…buy organic. It helps the farmers, it helps the land as they don’t use chemicals, it helps the rivers to be cleaner as chemicals don’t run off into our water system, it helps us and the planet to be healthier.


What is the least sustainable thing that you do?



Can you describe your interior style?

Rock and roll meets Marie Antoinette.


What is your favourite colour?



Did you experiment much with colour in your own home?

I usually have a clear idea what colour I want when I do a room.


When designing your home was reusing and repurposing furniture important to you? Can you give us any tips on sourcing items?

If you have well-made furniture, I feel it is important to use it again. I have recovered my sofas many times, the chandeliers that were once in a lounge went to a bedroom and then to another lounge and are now in my dining room! I love finding new places in a new home for old favourites. I love antique shops and flea markets.


We absolutely love your kitchen, especially the dining area. How did you plan this area?

The kitchen and dining room were modern and blank canvases. I drew out what I wanted…I knew my chandeliers were going in the dining room and I wanted to put character back into the rooms, so I put in a fireplace surround and the rest of the rooms came easily into place.


What are your two most treasured items in your home?

I don’t just have two! I have lots of treasures…my Marilyn Monroe picture, my vintage dolls and my Lambretta I have in the conservatory (Mum loved vintage dolls, Dad loved Lambretta). My lamps, books and statues.


You co-own the wallpaper brand JoJo and Trixie which has amazing designs. Entanglement is a firm favourite in the Vintro office, closely followed Alien. What made you decide to move into the wallpaper business?

My friend Katherine said let’s do a wallpaper line after I was telling her about the vintage wallpaper I had collected.



Where did you get the inspiration for your wallpaper designs and colours?

Well, my designs came from vintage wallpaper and Katherine’s are hand drawn…so I say lets do the bathers or boudoir (which are vintage wallpapers) and she then copies it and we do new colour ways – except for alien which is a new design as I love all things alien. Katherine draws all her designs from scratch.


What role does colour play in the creation of a design?

Colour plays a big role in all the papers and also sustainability, with the paper we use and the inks.


Will we see JoJo and Trixie expand into any other areas of interior design in the future?

Hopefully in the future we can expand into other sustainable interior designs.


You can find JoJo and Trixie wallpapers at or on Instagram @jojo_and_trixie
For more information on Jo’s organic products visit, Instagram @jowoodofficial, and Instagram @longevitywellnessuk