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What is No Seal Chalk Paint?

Surface Preparation
Remove any loose flakes of paint or varnish and give your project a good clean with a mild, soapy solution to remove any dust or possible contamination, allow to thoroughly dry. If you are unsure of the history of the piece of furniture, give it a wipe over with a water based clear spirit, which will remove any grease or silicone from spray polishes or waxes.
Bleed through stains can show as orange or pink stain on light coloured painted surfaces. If you think that your item will bleed stain through the paint, typically oak furniture and post-war utility furniture, you will probably need to treat it with a coat of Vintro Extreme Lacquer which will block the stain, once cured, prior to painting with chalk paint or you can apply a coat of Vintro Primer.

Ensure that any knocks and dents are filled with wood filler, smoothing any uneven areas with a medium grit sandpaper prior to painting and wiping away any dust. If you are changing the knobs or handles or do not want them painted, remove them as you will find it easier to paint your piece.

Surfaces with high sheen, gloss, melamine or laminate surfaces should be lightly sanded and wiped clean to help adhesion of paint or a base coat of Vintro Primer can be applied. Previously waxed surfaces should be wiped over with a mineral spirit prior to painting.
Unfinished wooden surfaces or stone will only need a clean with a mild, soapy solution and allow to dry.

Applying Paint
Open tin and stir thoroughly. Using a good quality synthetic brush such as either a Vintro flat brush or Vintro round brush, apply paint in a thin even coat in one direction to reduce the likelihood of brush strokes. Leave to dry and repeat if needed.