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Only at Vintro Paint will you find 250 years of colour in every tin.

If you want to transform your favourite piece of furniture using our ground-breaking Chalk Paint, or decorate your home with our Matt Emulsion or Eggshell finishes, we have the perfect paint, and colours, for your project.

Our colours have been carefully chosen with subtle undertones to bring the best out of any piece of furniture or room space. They are a blend of both classic and contemporary. Therefore, only here will you find Van Gogh’s sunflower yellow alongside ancient Grecian sandstone red and Buckingham Palace Portland Stone.
Most importantly each colour has been refined by months of development work utilising our historic colour archives.

Our paints are laden with pigment, this means incredible depth of colour and a thick and creamy consistency. As a result of this they give unrivalled performance, exceptional coverage, and superior durability, meaning less resources are required.

Get your A5 Colour Swatches HERE

Made with real paint for colour accuracy.

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A5 colour swatches Made with real paint for colour accuracy

Discover the beautiful range of colours to decorate your home and furniture in.

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