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Rustic Secrétaire Writing Bureau & Bookcase

Rustic Secrétaire Writing Bureau & Bookcase
Rustic Secrétaire Writing Bureau & Bookcase

This vintage oak secrétaire arrived at Vintro HQ with pieces of beading missing and had many dents from use over the years. It was given a distressed look using Vintro Chalk Paint in French Navy and Crystal and finished with a clear wax topcoat. We decided to leave the oak showing inside as a nice contrast to the French Navy. This is an easy finish to achieve and would look equally at home within a boho interior or a country house style.

Step 1

The piece of furniture was given a good clean to remove any dust and debris. Sanding is optional as Vintro Chalk Paint will stick to virtually any surface without the need to sand, ensure any dust from sanding is removed prior to painting.

Step 2

A base coat of Vintro Chalk Paint in French Navy was applied using a cross hatch or a stippling painting style to ensure that there is plenty of texture. You can use either a good quality synthetic brush or a natural bristle brush, both are available here. The paint was allowed to dry.

Step 3

A wash was mixed of Vintro Chalk Paint Crystal with clean tap water at a ratio of approximately 25% paint to 75% water. We would suggest decanting the paint into a sealable jar or plastic container before mixing with the water.
A clean paint brush was used to apply the Crystal over the French Navy, working in small areas. You will find that it paints on opaque, and a small amount will go a long way. Before the wash had chance to dry, the excess was wiped off with a lint free piece of cloth or rag. You will notice that the French Navy will rub off in places leaving you a nice contrast between the paint colour and the wood. Leave to dry.
A deeper Crystal wash will be achieved by applying a second or third coat over the French Navy. Leave to dry.

Step 4

To distress further, saturate a lint free cloth and then wring out and rub where you want the paint to distress and the wood to show through the paint. Allow to dry.

Step 5

Vintro clear wax was applied with a brush all over the secrétaire, however, you can use a lint free rag/cloth. Buff to a high sheen with a clean lint free rag/cloth. Allow to dry before applying a second coat.


Colours used: French Navy & Crystal
Paint: Vintro Chalk Paint
Topcoat: Vintro Clear Wax
Brushes used: Vintro 2cm Synthetic Bristle Round Brush & Vintro 2.5cm Natural Bristle Brush
Wall: Victorian Black Matt Emulsion