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A range of luxury paints to transform your furniture and home.

Transform your furniture and home with our amazing paints in a wide range of colours.
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Our earliest formulations were based on natural pigments and resins, similar to those used by the great masters of colour, who mixed their own paints by hand for some of the most iconic pieces of art the world has ever seen.
During the 19th century new production techniques and synthetic pigments were introduced. Although this massively increased efficiency some of these ‘new’ materials were not as high quality or environmentally friendly as the ingredients honed by paint masters over hundreds of years.
We use many of the materials that would have been familiar to Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Turner, (but only where the old surpasses the quality of the new)!
Our products are developed and manufactured to the very highest standards by people who use and love the products that we make. We have a drive to set the standards for the industry, not just meet them, and wholeheartedly believe our products to be the very best in the market.
We are particularly proud of our paint’s coverage and exceptionally high pigment levels offering unparalleled ease of use and depth of colour. Our colours have been carefully chosen with subtle undertones that bring the best out of any piece of furniture or room space.

Launched on 1st August!
Our new Supreme Eggshell range of paints, in 10 fabulous shades. 
A water-based, environmentally friendly paint which dries to a durable low-sheen finish. Suitable for most surfaces including walls, woodwork and primed metals such as radiators/pipework and is fully washable.

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