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Child-Safe Paints

Child-Safe Paints
Child-Safe Paints
Paints you can trust for your child’s nursery or bedroom.

Painting your baby’s nursery is such an exciting time and you will spend many a long hour researching the best paints and products to fill it with. Vintro Paint makes child safe paints, certified to BS EN71-3, so you can sleep easy knowing that whatever you paint in your nursery, from your walls to furniture, will not harm your child. Some manufacturers claim to have child safe paints, but don’t have the certificate to prove it, if in doubt ask to see a copy. We will always provide ours upon request.

Initially a baby will only see white, grey and black and then red. As their eyes continue to develop, they will start to follow and recognise toys and objects that have bold colours and geometric patterns. By five months old they should be able to see the full colour spectrum. Providing a stimulating and colourful environment is crucial to stimulate your child’s curiosity, memory, attention span and hand-eye development.

Picking colours for your nursery can be quite daunting and not everyone wants to paint their room in bright primary colours. If you wish to have a gender-neutral room, we have a number of ‘hints of’ colours or maybe you would prefer a soft green, yellow or grey.

For a modern take on traditional pink nurseries why not layer a number of pinks together, maybe use a soft pink as your main colour such as Madame de Pompadour or Candyfloss, which is a hint of pink and use a bolder pink as a feature wall, on furniture or woodwork. The same idea could be applied to a traditional blue nursery, using Beau Blue which is a hint of blue, together with a brighter blue such as Trinity. Or maybe create an ombre effect on your walls blending a pale hint of colour through to darker shades.

Many nurseries are painted in soft pastel shades such as Isabella (a soft lemon), Honeydew (a soft mint green), Tower Bridge a pale grey), Harewood (a lovely pale blue-green) and Autumn Glow (a pale hint of peach). The beauty of using pastel colours as your main colour is that you can add more colours through your accessories. However, whilst suitable for a newborn, you might want a bolder colour on the walls as your baby will quickly grow into a toddler.

White or cream painted walls can be updated by painting bold geometric shapes in bright colours. Or maybe give colour blocking a go, this is where two or three colours are used. For clean lines between the colours use masking tape. For those who want a softer look, painted clouds can add a lovely feature.

If you are unsure about adding colour to your walls, why not add colour by painting the furniture instead and sealing it in our child safe Extreme Lacquer. Vintro colours are available across the complete paint range, so you can co-ordinate your finish or colour clash – the choice is yours.