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Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends

Get ahead of the curve with our interior trends and find some inspiration. Whether you want to paint furniture with Vintro Chalk Paint or decorate your home with Matt Emulsion, we’ve got some tips for you.

Trends come and go, but you can keep up to date by making a few tweaks here and there. By far the cheapest way to change with each trend is to get painting. From walls, to furniture, to accessories, if you can paint it, we have a paint for it! In fact, there are relatively few things around your home that you can’t update with a lick of paint, and if you are unsure, email us and we will be happy to advise you.



This organic style has been with us for a good couple of years now and we believe that it is here to stay. This neutral style suits every home and is a completely safe look that you can evolve by adding depth and texture by way of painted furniture, ceramics and soft furnishings. Try painting the carcass of your furniture, whilst keeping the tops and drawer fronts as natural wood or add a whitewash over nude wood or previously painted pieces.

Scandi colours: Pearl, Dove, Cloudburst, Crystal, Nightfall, Pebble, Tower Bridge, Yorkshire Stone, Chiswick House, Bidston Grey, Trafalgar Square.



Our love of green is still with us, as are botanical prints and plants. Think of woodlands with their varied greens or mushrooms and combine them with creams and earth colours, with occasional pop of plant pot orange. Take a step back into your childhood and have a go at potato printing to produce patterns of multiple leaves on furniture or walls.

Tropic colours – Verdant, Eden, Sage, Brooklands, Ermine, Pebble, Fresco, Honeydew, Old Lace, Stonebreaker, Deep Saffron, Café au Lait, Woodpecker Green,, Symphony Green.


This authentic trend has been around for some time and varies from tie-dyed fabrics to Paisley and Indian block printing. From ombre walls, macramé, pom-poms and rustic pottery, with a focus on handcrafted and hand painted, there is a style for most interiors. The key to painting an ombre wall is to use a different damp paintbrush for each colour and start with the lightest colour and work your way up, keeping the paint wet and moving. This look can be achieved with our Matt Emulsion wall paint or original Chalk Paint.

Bohemian colours – Deep Saffron, Pebble, Old Lace, Yorkshire Stone, Ermine, Old Mauve, Dante’s Dream, Pearl, Autumn Glow, Stonebreaker, French Navy, Sage, Esmeralde, Sunflower, Teal, Christabelle, Deptford Pink, Osborne Yellow, Dames Violet.



We see this style as taking interior ideas or furniture from 1950’s up to the 1980’s and then bring them bang up-to-date with today’s colours and patterns. This style can be quite bold and needs a bit of thought, but when done right it can look amazing. Whether you pick from a 1970’s colour palette or to add a modern twist to mid-century furniture, you can’t go wrong really, and this is a good style to add a pop of coral such as Medusa. From Geometric patterns or colour blocking on walls or furniture, the look can be quite easy to achieve. Use a good quality masking tape to paint geometric patterns or colour blocks and leave paint to dry before removing the tape.

Retro-Fusion colours – Deep Saffron, Old Mauve, Teal, Chocolate, Sage, Duck Egg, Stonebreaker, Medusa, Nymph, Buckingham, Aurora, Gold, Silver, Deptford Pink, Ribwort.



This style is not for the faint hearted, but deep saturated colours are going to stay with us again this year, banishing pastel and muted hues. Think about how glamorous the Art Deco period was, well this trend is all about harnessing that glamour and sophistication. From marble to pewter, to blackened and gold paint finishes sit alongside luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin. Painting every area in your room including the walls, ceilings, doors, trim can be quite daunting and is best for sunny rooms as it can darken the room somewhat, however, it is a really modern look for Victorian and Edwardian hallways, especially when combined with a gallery wall. For the less brave, try painting kitchen cabinets or pieces of furniture in deep colours and accessorising with gold.

Opulence colours – Old Mauve, Victorian Black, Nightfall, Valentine, Brooklands, Royal Purple, Dante’s Dream, Gold, Teal, Paris Blue, Silver, Picasso Blue, Woodpecker Green.